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Published: 10th February 2011
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The following form is a custom listing proposal used to show the intent of the listing agent in the marketing of a subdivision or group of houses for an investor or Bank or Private party. Please have your broker review this form befor presenting to a posible client.br
This document was not prepaired by an attorney and you are cautioned to use it at your own risk.


Subject: The exclusive sales by ________________________________
SELLER : ________________________


The Listing Agent agrees to advertise ______________ in all advertising modes as follows.

1.Listing Agent agrees to place all Lots in the RMLS
in Washington and agrees to cooperate with all Real Estate agents.
2. Feature adds in Broker web sites.
three. Virtual tour, and consist of unbranded picture tours for rmls and branded picture tours
or all other media, "branded‚?¨¬¶..sales contact details included"
4. All pictures to be on both dynamic pages and static pages with code optimized for image indexing
by search engines.
5. The local newspaper "_____________" _______________ advertising
6. Provide flyers on web site at all times.
7. Offer professional high quality custom branded Sales packets and brochures for all possible buyers.
8. Craigslist advertising updated weekly, min of 15 properties Lots, to be built, etc.
9. All lots to be placed on Broker web sites and at least 15 extra
web web sites, three within 48 hours.
10. Agree to buy and develop a web site specifically for the promotion of these building lots.
Min. of 100 pages, all individually indexed in Google.. Bing, Yahoo
11. Advertise with Google and Yahoo, MSN, Local News Paper, direct possible clients to web website that
features . Projected 200 to 4000 targeted visitors per month.
12. Location signs on all properties and work together with the Seller in advertising this project which consists of supplying on web site sales associates as needed.
13. Entry signs, ______ at each entrance. Per CCR s." installed"
14. Deliver flyers to all agents per flyer delivery service in ______________ monthly.
15. Supply detailed info to all relocation services.
16. 1 reverse advertising campaign per month


For services rendered the Seller agrees to pay the Listing Agent an amount equal to __% of the
Gross sales price of each and every ">property sold. Discounted fees per bulk sales as __% or much less as agreed.

After 360 days this agreement may well be cancelled by either party upon
a 30 day notice delivered in writing or as soon after delivery as both parties mutually agree.

It is understood that the ">Listing Agent will have the exclusive rights to the sale of all Properties
located in ____________
as priced and released by the Seller.

dated this _______day of ________ ___________, 20011.

By ____________________________ date____

Seller__________________________ date____

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